Animation and Cartoon Character Voice Overs

Listen to Character Voice Samples: 

VoiceTOONS is known worldwide for character voice casting, and cartoon voice overs for cartoon projects. Whether you have a cartoon pilot, cartoon series, cartoon e-learning tool, cartoon video game, cartoon animation, or any project that requires an affordable cartoon voice cast, VoiceTOONS is your custom voice casting Studio.

We are a professional cartoon voice casting studio offering original cartoon style animated character voices and voice casting.



Our private voice over casts specialize in character voices like monsters, villains, super-heroes, pet dogs, cats, kings, queens and even children voice overs for cartoons. We can even deliver non-animated dialogue for adult and less cartoon voice projects

Our character voice casts include complete pilot casts, animation recorded dialogue and fully edited voice overs and voiced clips for games, episode dialogue for animation and more.

Let VoiceTOONS be your animation voice casting partner, and enjoy professional character voice overs.