Character Voice Application


You are welcome to apply as a character voice talent at VoiceTOONS also shared with our sister casting program Cartoon Actors. The link below will take you to our voice casting showcase, used by internet consumers, producers, casting agents, animators, gaming companies, students, and our own private clients to hire featured character voice talent at VoiceTOONS.

* Please Note: We receive dozens of application every week, therefore not all voice talent are accepted and you MUST have professional voice demos. You must be a professional talent and self-contained with your own gear.

Ready to apply? To apply and check out our guidelines and talent requirements click here now. You will be redirected to Cartoon Actors to apply as a character voice over talent at VoiceTOONS and if you elect featured on our sister site Cartoon Actors.

Keep in mind, you can choose to just be included in our general casting pool at that time.

Need Demos or Coaching? If you are interested in training and becoming a professional voice actor, you might want to consider private coaching by Anthony Reece or casting director at his coaching website VO101.

Thank you and all the best on your voice over journey!

-Anthony Reece