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VoiceTOONS and our character voice demos are known worldwide for character voice casting, and cartoon voice overs for cartoon projects. Whether you have a cartoon pilot, cartoon series, cartoon e-learning tool, cartoon video game, cartoon animation, or any project

Listen to our character voice demos at right.

Our voice casting service delivers cartoon casts, recorded game dialogue and fully edited character voice over dialogue for animation, pilots, and more.

Let VoiceTOONS become your cartoon voice casting partner, and enjoy non-union character voices within your cartoon and character voice over project budget. Check out our character voice demos on this page.

Here are a few recent character voice demos and animation projects…

…pilots and teasers like Yugo screened at the 2016 Kids Screen in Miami FL:

…festival and contest entries like the Microsoft Imagine Cup Gold Winner Pitchforksville:

…pilot pitches to cable and broadcast networks like Carter and Son for Boulder Media Ireland:

…cartoon syndication (26 x 22 min) episodes such as India’s Dessin Works’ Chip and Stolly:

…and gaming casts and game trailers like Creature Conflict: The Clan Wars for 1C / Cenega:

As you will hear and see we deliver q wide range of professional character voices and cartoon voice overs far below the industry standard rates.

Save money and work with the best freelance character voices in the animation, gaming and cartoon voice over industry. Listen to our character voice demos now.