Game Character Voices

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VoiceTOONS and our game character voices, has quickly become one of the “Go-To-Studios” for affordable non-union game voices, and gaming voice casting in the country. Gaming voice overs are offered by some of the top gaming voice artists in the marketplace. We even direct your game voice and voice talent free as part of your gaming dialogue package.

If you have a new gaming title, online game, cellular app game, or video game in development, VoiceTOONS is your resource for game character voices and game voice overs.



We are a professional game character voice casting studio, offering original game character voices, and voice casting for games.

Our private game character voices, are from voice actors whom specialize in unique original game character voices from looney tune style cartoon voices, monsters, slashers and animals, to warriors, hero’s, battle soldiers, and more.

VoiceTOONS deliver complete gaming voice casts, recorded game dialogue and fully edited voice-over dialogue for game new titles. Let us become your partner for custom game character voices and gaming voice casting. Enjoy professional, affordable, non-union game voices, all at a buy-out and within budget.