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VoiceTOONS offers every client a custom project quote, based on your particular cast requirements. No two projects are the same.

Our services are “all-inclusive” with a custom voice casting to our professional voice talent, and we cover all voice actor fees. Most projects are buy-out as well.

Once you request our services, VoiceTOONS, will hold a private voice casting, and send you custom auditions from our talent. Together we help you select the right voice actor for each role. We then record your dialogue, edit the content, master your tracks, and deliver all dialogue in the format your desire.

* NOTE: Your actual “per minute, per clip, or per hour” rate is based on the length of your project, number of gaming clips, or total minutes, actors required and final marketplace use of the content.

We try to offer a “flexible scale” and this is why VoiceTOONS is known worldwide as the most affordable character voice casting, and character voice over studio outside LA and NY. Whether you have a cartoon pilot, radio/tv campaign, cartoon series, app, e-learning software, video game, feature animation, or just a small project that requires one voice we can deliver the goods.

Step 1) Have your script, cast break-down, story-board and any character images ready for us to review. This is how we base and project the cast and actors required for your particular animation, game, or cartoon title. Once we review your material, we then proceed with a quote and the next step below.

…then you can enjoy a budget based on your cast size and project.

Step 2) Once you supply these materials, our director Anthony Reece can contact yi to discuss your project in detail. This is ho we arrive at a rate fair for you based on your project size, cast needs, number of voice talent and time involved in creation your voice overs and character voice dialogue. Each project is unique so these items are very important.

VoiceTOONS is a professional cartoon voice casting studio along with our sister site Cartoon Actors offering original cartoon style animated character voices, private voice casting and delivery of recorded dialogue fully edited ready.

We hope you will join clients worldwide whom make VoiceTOONS their go-to character voice over casting partner. Need help? Call 970-223-3659.