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Cartoon and Game Voice Casting - Character Voices at VoiceTOONS


We set-up a time to talk, chat or SKYPE about your project. We review your script, animatic, or storyboard to confirm the number of voice actors required for your project. Many voice actors can handle 2 parts, which will keep the cast small and saves money.

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Next we hold a private voice casting sent to our pre-selected in-house voice talent and request auditions from any voice actor whom fits the project. You are then sent ONLY the top options for each role. You then pick which voice over talent you prefer for each role.

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After selection of talent, we contact all voice talent you select from the auditions, and discuss their role, then sign a buy-out voice talent agreement for their role in your voice cast. Then we arrange for a time to direct and record the voice talent with our director Anthony Reece.

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Laslty after we cast, hire, and record your dialogue with each part, your voice overs are delivered mastered and fully edited as high-quality SINGLE wav, or mp3 files and send them by email, or via our FTP server for download. It is as simple as that!

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VoiceTOONS - Custom Character Voice Casting and Recording!

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Custom voice over and character voices for cartoons, animation, games, apps and webisodes....
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Original game voices and game voice casting for playstation, wii, xbox 360 and other platform video games.
Character voices and voice clips for new novelity gifts, teaching tools, children's toys, board game and more.
Character voices, narration, and kid voices for interactive products, talking books, dvd's and educational software.
Voice overs and character voices for new android apps, iphone apps, blackberry apps and cellphone ringtones.
Story-tellers, narrations, voice over and character voices for fiction, non-fiction, novels and audiobook titles.
VoiceTOONS offers every client a CUSTOM project quote, based on your particular cast requirements. No two projects are the same. Our services are "all-inclusive" with a custom voice casting to our professional voice talent, and we cover all voice actor fees. Most projects are buy-out as well. Once you request our services, VoiceTOONS, will hold a private voice casting, and send you custom auditions from our talent. Together we help you select the right voice actor for each role. We then record your dialogue, edit the content, master your tracks, and deliver all dialogue in the format your desire.

Your actual "per minute, per clip, or per hour" rate is based on the length of your project, number of gaming clips, actors required and final marketplace use of the content. We try to offer a "flexible scale" and this is why VoiceTOONS is known worldwide as the most affordable character voice casting, and character voice over studio outside LA and NY. Whether you have a cartoon pilot, radio/tv campaign, cartoon series, app, elearning software, video game, feature animation, or just a small project that requires one voice we can deliver the goods.

VoiceTOONS is a professional cartoon voice casting studio offering original cartoon style animated character voices, private voice casting and deliver recorded dialogue fully edited ready to go. We hope you too will join hundreds of companies worldwide whom made VoiceTOONS their character voice over partner.

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