About VoiceTOONS – Character Voices and Voice Casting

Listen to Director Greeting:

VoiceTOONS offering character voice overs, was launched in 2005 by veteran voice casting director, producer, director and broadcast professional Anthony Reece.

Short and to the point, Anthony Reece is a animation, cartoon and game voice casting director, working with creative teams, to build character voice over casts. Together he assists in the delivery of character voices, for voice casts used in pilots, pitch-bibles, animation episodes, games and cartoons.

His specialty is to supply character voice casting and recording of dialogue for cartoons, games and animations for VoiceTOONS clients worldwide.

He creates animation voices for animators, game voice overs for the gaming community and original cartoon voice overs within the cartoon industry. As a private animation voice and game voice casting studio, VoiceTOONS is NOT yet another “pay to play” or “click-to-cast” automated voice casting website. Anthony personally casts and directs all talent with your team.

Here you do not deal with character voices and their rates, individual contracts and payments, not to mention varied talent studio recording quality problems. He handles it all as a professional voice casting, recording and dialogue delivery service. He creates character voices for animations, web apps, video games, toys, cartoons, pilots, broadcast, e-learning and more.

All character voice over auditions are reviewed by Anthony Reece, then selected by YOU as the final voice cast. You even enjoy the direction and recording of the final talent with director, award winning casting director and voice talent Anthony Reece.

With clients worldwide, VoiceTOONS specializes in original character voice casting and animation dialogues within the entertainment industry.

We act as YOUR PARTNER, not an virtual “do it yourself” website.

Together we mentor you, teach you, audition, cast, record, edit and deliver voice over dialogue, game characters, audio-book narrations and more in budget.

Make VoiceTOONS your character voices and character voice casting partner within a realistic cast budget.

Let us be your “go to studio” offering only the best non-union voice actors.