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Preparing for Your Next Voice Casting!

HOW TO PREPARE FOR YOUR VOICE CASTING! Discover how to prepare your voice casting when searching for a professional voice actor. Listen to Audio Consulting Here: ————- [wds id=”1″]

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Picking a Voice From Auditions!

PICKING THE CAST FROM YOUR AUDITIONS! Uncover how to select and pick the right voice talent from within your voice casting results. Listen to Audio Consulting Here: ————- [wds id=”1″]

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What To Expect from Voice Talent!

WHAT TO EXPECT FROM A PROFESSIONAL VOICE TALENT! Find out what you should expect from a professional voice over talent. Listen to Audio Consulting Here: ————- [wds id=”1″]

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Welcome to VoiceTOONS

VoiceTOONS – Character Voice Overs | Game Voice Over | Voice Casting

Listen to Director Greeting:

Welcome to VoiceTOONS! We are a character voice over studio, and have been voice casting and recording voice over dialogue for cartoons, games and animations since 2004. We create CUSTOM voice over casts for, animations, animators, gaming studios in the gaming community and original cartoon character voice overs within the cartoon industry. As a private character voice over. animation voice and game voice casting studio, we are NOT a automated voice casting website.

We become your private, and personal voice casting partner for games, cartoons, pilots and more.

Here you do not deal with different character voice talent, rates, individual contracts and voice talent payments, not to mention varied voice talent studio recording quality problems. We handle it all as a professional voice over casting, recording and dialogue delivery service creating character voices for animations, web apps, video games, toys, cartoons, pilots, broadcast, e-learning and more.

Our voice actor auditions are reviewed, then selected by you as the final voice cast. We then direct and record the talent with our director, award winning casting director and voice talent Anthony Reece.

With clients worldwide, VoiceTOONS specializes in original character voice overs, voice casting and voice over dialogues within the entertainment industry. We act as YOUR PARTNER, not an virtual “do it yourself” website.

Together we mentor you, teach you, audition, cast, record, edit and deliver voice over dialogue, game characters, audio-book narrations and more in budget. Make VoiceTOONS your casting partner within a realistic cast budget. Let us be your “go to studio” offering only the best non-union voice actors.